Feedback on an individual's  performance has long been identified as an essential and effective means for the growth of a person.  As they strive to achieve the goals of their organisation, an employee needs constant check and assurance that their contribution is aligned with the expectations They need periodic assessment of their performance to keep them motivated.


It isn't easy for the service providers to gather the feedback from their managers and supervisors who span across organisations A few notable challenges are



  1. Ease of conveying the feedback
  2. Mode of communicating
  3. Consistency of the feedback
  4. Objectivity and adequacy of visibility


CXO Insights offers a simple but highly valuable solution for Businesses and their operations.  Salient features of the solution:



  1. Feedback in a flash, on demand
  2. Flexibility to include various parameters to support bands and levels
  3. Feedback mapped to candidate's rating


Balance of transparency to Candidate and Service provider instantaneously


A happy customer, better business prospects!


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