Will ge back to you......

Will ge back to you......

Will Get back to you!


Whenever there is new engagement, new programme, project or an ad-hoc recruitment of internal/external resources or any discrete serviceable product or service, we reach out to our PMO or Vendors for fulfilling the resource requirement.


More often than not the response to a request is often with a common response, ”Will Get Back To You”  or “Give me some time will check and let you know” or “Data will be refreshed over the weekend and will get you correct info”.


You start thinking…

-       Why is it so difficult to get an answer from a Service provider or Our PMO?

-       What’s the use of all the systems we have?

-       Why does it take such a long time get the data?

-       It is bread and butter for Consulting firms, how come we need to wait so long.


-       ..

-       .

I faced this problem with my clients or vendors at various stages of my professional life while working on large Outsourcing engagements, working with both professional services organisation and vendor partners. Experience is different but the problem is the same.

    Data not available readily

    Need to extract from multiple sources across multiple people/projects

    The pain of compiling and consolidating the data

    Generating an understandable report

    Atleast 4-5 hours spent on putting a report together


Despite the efforts, the validity of the report  is limited to a short period, and needs to be redone again to supply to the management teams for their decision making…


CXO Insights is designed to solve this problem for Service providers (Vendors) or PMO or Professional Services organisation. There is no need for to wait for someone to provide any more, they have to just use the system to check the availability at anytime and anywhere!


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