About Us

Will get back to you!


We keep meeting Leadership teams and senior management regularly, and one thing that is common across all the organisations is “Right Skill Availability” or “Right Resource Availability” or “Visibility of Resource Availability” within the organisation or with the supplier. In this technology-emerging world, this is one of the topreasons for project failure.


Today if your client asks you, “What is your design team availability next month?” The answer would be “They are generally available during that time, however, I will get back to you” or “give me an hour will let you know” or the most famous phrase is “Will get back to you!”. We provide high-end technology consulting services to our clients all the time, but when it comes to resource availability in our organisation, we still follow traditional methods to respond to the client. 


In the Digital Era, the need for data/Information in real-time is key. Knowing the availability of our resources or skills in real-time will help the businesses progress in the right direction.


Forecasting Report


Many Business decisions are made based on the business forecast. It is important to know how we have lined up our resources and skills for business needs. It takes mammoth effort and multiple excel sheet to know how we are progressing towards our target. It takes many hours and expert to get this report out for senior management.


Customer Service & Satisfaction


Most staffing managers and recruiters say that they provide amazing customer service. But unfortunately, most of them make that statement based on hunches and assumptions. Do you truly know how satisfied your staffing customers are? Are you measuring it?


Customer Satisfaction is key for the business. Customer feedback is a big asset to the transformation of any organisation. Organisations do have a process to get the feedback, very rarely objective feedback in the form of rating is not shown to candidates or the clients.


About CXO Insights


We have been there and have gone through all those challenges, and that’s why we want to assist Consulting firms, PMO Organisations, Account Managers, staffing management organisation, Discrete Service offering entities, Heavy machinery, Near Shore and offshore engagements, Captive organisation with visibility, and many more businesses to manage idle time and improve utilisation. CXO Insights brings you with real-time resource availability, online forecasting, resources blocking, feedback and skills heatmap that are key for resource management. 


Our Team

Deepak Daniel, Director
Deepak brings our business over 25 years of Consulting and Leadership experience. As a business leader, performance improvement executive and account management lead, he brings in a global perspective with localised knowledge. He believes in and practices a simple solution for a complex business problem. CXO Insights is the brainchild of Deepak, Platform followed the Design Thinking principles and user centric Design.

Asha Latha C, Director
Asha loves her data. Data is always her first love! She wants to help her customers to make right decision through right data. CXO Insights as a platform will assist businesses in providing a real-time data of the resources in the business. Asha brings in 20 years of consulting and leadership experience to our business. She is a solution-oriented professional and brings in different perspective to the business and thought leadership. Working across several geographies and worked with senior executives in the industry she understands the pain of non-availability of the real-time data.

Antronsys Technologies P Ltd, Technology and Development Partners
Thoughts 360, is the mantra that we follow when we go about for enterprise application development, which predominantly is the need for every enterprise, specially when the businesses are growing and have to adapt to the changes around. We ensure that we think and consider 360-degree view for all internal and external systems (may that be present or future), so that enterprise can scale to ever changing demand of the consumers.